Beautify Your Home, Increase Security, & Save $$$ With These Innovative Solar-Powered LEDs

  •  | Peter Ryland

“We’ve got the nicest house on the block -- now everyone else can see it, too!” — Jackie N.

FACT: Well-Lit Homes Are Safer & More Appealing

You've worked hard for your home. Who doesn’t want to feel a sense of pride pulling into the driveway at the end of a long day?

Whether you want to enjoy outdoor spaces at night or increase “curb appeal,” outdoor lighting is a fantastic way to boost the look of your home, yard, and garden.

Inadequate lighting is also a safety issue. Every year, thousands of Americans trip or stumble in the dark and wind-up with twisted ankles, broken hips, or worse. Plus, poorly-lit homes attract burglars, prowlers... even destructive animals like coyotes or racoons!

Homeowners and security professionals agree: outdoor lighting keeps your home safe & beautiful.

Traditional Lighting Options Waste Valuable Time & Money

Until recently, homeowners had two options for outdoor lighting: either hiring a contractor to install a custom system or going to a home supply store for conventional electric lights.

Custom landscape lighting will run you anywhere from $2,000 up to $8,000 or more. Sure, you can try to save on the installation and do it yourself, but this process is extremely time-consuming and requires almost constant maintenance.

Store-bought lights, on the other hand, have fragile bulbs that often break or batteries that need frequent replacement. If that wasn’t enough hassle, they also have timers to fuss with or manual on/off switches.

But now, thanks to an extraordinary breakthrough in solar technology, homeowners now have an affordable, hassle-free alternative...

SolarScape 2.0: America’s Premiere Landscape Spotlight Just Got The Ultimate Upgrade

Solarscape 2.0 is the bright, solar-powered spotlight that instantly lights up your home and yard for a fraction of the cost of a custom job.

The original SolarScape helped over 7,000 Americans upgrade their homes. SolarScape 2.0 is the long-awaited upgrade of its beloved predecessor: brighter, multicolored, and featuring multiple light modes.

The new model boasts brilliant LED spotlights that offer hassle-free, DIY installation as well as long-lasting illumination — keeping you safe and your house looking modern and revamped.

Since the launch of SolarScape 2.0 early this year, homeowners from all over the country have made the switch. This lighting innovation has been difficult to keep in stock since most customers buy in bulk to get even better deals.

If you want durable, high-quality, custom-color lighting at an incredible price, we strongly recommend checking availability now — before it completely sells out once again.

How Do Solarscape 2.0 Color Spotlights Work?

SolarScape 2.0 is equipped with a self-charging solar panel which comes pre-assembled to the spotlight’s IP44-grade housing. It takes only minutes to install: simply find a spot with some direct sunlight, stake them into the ground, switch it on, and let the sun do the rest!

SolarScape 2.0 charges all day and when the sun goes down, its innovative “Dusk to Dawn” sensor switches the colorful LED spotlights on automatically. Bright, dazzling light illuminates your yard, porch, pathways, driveway, or garden all night long… then switches off again at daybreak.

With no batteries, wires, or bulbs to replace, SolarScape 2.0 offers zero-maintenance outdoor lighting — saving you time, money, and the hassle of dealing with traditional electric lights.

Real Reviews From Amazed Customers

Don’t take it from us, let’s hear what real SolarScape 2.0 users have to say:

"Great little lights. We used them in between our box bushes on the side of our house. Would buy again"

— Mary L.

"Perfect to light up your house or landscape during the holidays. No longer do we have to fight with cords to shine a spotlight on our landscaping."

— Rachel H.

"We are pleased with these lights. They are easy to adjust - the solar panels can be rotated independently of the lights, for optimum aiming/charging. It was very overcast here yesterday, but they still worked, and remained lit."

— Shannon W.

"First off, they're solar, which is always great. They charge very well during the day (even on cloudy days) and last throughout the night, which is a great thing. Packaging was small and very nicely done. All items are bubble wrapped and easy to put together out of the box. They include stakes, which is good for rougher areas or areas that have dirt. Overall, great set of lights. Will be purchasing more to complete the outdoor area of my yard to brighten things up without sacrificing my energy bill."

— Rosie T.

How Does SolarScape 2.0 Compare to Store-Bought Lights?

Store-Bought Lights

  • Easy, 15-Min Install

  • Time-consuming, complex installation

  • 100% Wireless

  • Messy wiring

  • Self-Charging, Solar-Powered LEDs

  • Must replace bulbs & batteries

  • 7 Unique Color Options

  • 1 Type of Light Color

  • Automatic On/Off Feature

  • Requires timers or manual switching

  • 100% Weather-Resistant

  • Not suited for all climates or seasons

We moved into a lovely home, but the street lights in our neighborhood just aren’t very bright. I’ve even driven past my own house on occasion because I couldn’t recognize it in the dark!

We got some string lights to put around the front entrance. It took a whole afternoon just to set them up. They worked okay for a few months, but then some of the bulbs simply burned out. Eventually we threw the whole thing away — total waste of money.

And then I saw an online blogger raving about SolarScape 2.0, saying they only took 15 minutes to install around her boxwood bushes and looked amazing.

So, I ordered a couple of boxes and that blogger wasn’t kidding. I simply had to stake them in the ground... done! But the best part? They run on 100% solar power: no extension cords, no outlets, no batteries, no added power bills.

What I really love is the automatic on/off feature. When I get home from work at night, they’re already on — bright, colorful, just beautiful. The front yard looks professionally lit and gives our whole house a much more modern, classy look. Plus, I haven’t overshot the driveway once since we put in these SolarScape… our home really stands out!

Bottom Line: This product is really impressive at a price-point you simply won’t find anywhere else. If you’re looking for an easy, affordable way to dramatically boost home security and beautify your entire property, SolarScape 2.0 is an excellent choice.

Here’s How To Illuminate Your Home Easily & Affordably

Solarscape 2.0 is not yet sold in stores and can only be purchased online.

Right now, they’re introducing this revolutionary new light to first-time customers at an unprecedented discount — 55% off the regular price. And unlike store-bought lights, they’re offering free shipping on all orders and a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee for 30 days.

Now that you’ve discovered how to make your home bright and safe (without wasting time or money on installation & upkeep) follow these steps to get started:

  1. Go to the official SolarScape 2.0 website to place your order
  2. Illuminate, beautify, and protect your home with "smart solar" outdoor lighting

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